performance/ Installation


is an anarchic ladies vocal and performance ensemble and a social sculpture.
We try to find artistic and social decisions without command structures & we try to give back the origin of songs and words to the folks


founded in 2010 by Breeda CC and Lisa Smith as the choir of Haus Schwarzenberg e.V Berlin

ladies involved so far:
Lisa Smith
Breeda CC
Danja Schilling
Hike Wehner
Mizza Caric
Stephanie Damm
Gudrun von Rissenbeck
Yuko Matsuyama 
Lilith Ruthart
Johanna Maria Thieme
Ingrid Schrader
Diana De Ramon-Rivsy Braun
Anja Hähnel
Margo Margarita Voloshinova

sound examples : http://www.myspace.com/blackmountaingirls (cookies required)