Fremder, wissen Sie wie spät es ist?
Ist es jetzt Gestern, Heute oder schon Morgen?

Träume spülten mich hinfort.
Dann zog Gravitation
mich an diesen Ort.
Ich kenne ihn, Fremder!
Gestrandet hier,
in Deiner Zeit,
in Deiner Wirklichkeit!

Starr und blechern
fühlen sich meine Glieder an!
Bist Du es Fremder,
der mein Leben hier ersann ?

Ach, da sind sie wieder,
diese meine Träume!
Und tragen mich hinfort,
von diesem schrecklichen Ort!
Zukunftsmusik is a piece of fully automatic machine theatre, or rather: it combines elements of theatre with the music and machine performances we have staged before everything got locked up in containers for Lille2004. It had it's premiere on Köpenicker Sommer 2005 and was also shown on the anual Karl-Hofer Gesellschaft's summerfest. The piece is about time. This subject, quite naturally gaining prominence for us, got into focus even more when Hannes Heiner was asked to create a "nouveau jaquemart" for Lille2004, resulting in the "jaquemart des monstres" as shown on the left. As a clockwork it plays small pieces every 5 minutes, bigger ones every quarter of an hour and a long sequence on the full hour. Derived from texts and poems that came to live during our stay in Lille, we have developed a piece that assembles those texts, literal and philosophical texts from 2 milleniums to an abstraction of theatre that solely features mechanical actors and reflects upon time from the viewpoint of the highly different characters that populate the Jaquemart: The "Klackerhälse" with their technocratic believe in future are opposed by the doubtfull, backward bound and melancholic "Vierauge". Optimistic dancer "Orangina", does not spend much time in thinking, but happily adapts trends and fashion, while the sun, wisely knowing, rises above the narrowness of the individual characters' worlds. The creatures inhabiting the ChiMech containers, used to define the stage room, comment on these reflexions in word and music.